Untitled journal entry #2

by Timo Długiewłosy, 12/09/2023

Second journal entry!! Woohoo I did remember I can just. write about my day and whatever else I feel like sharing.

Today I had a little trip to a bigger city with my sister. If we had left earlier then we would have managed to do more together than travel for two hours and then only go to a vape shop. After that she left me at the train station and went to pick up her boyfriend and his mom. I mean, perhaps I could go with them too, and then stay at their place, but that guy haven't replied whether I'm actually invited lmao. So I didn't take any stuff necessary for a stay over. I like him, we're friends but holy fuck, trying to organize anything with him is so difficult.

But my sister is going to stay at his place until weekend which means that yet again I have our room all for myself! I don't hate living with her, I actually find it boring when she's not around. But when she's away and our parents are at work, that means I can walk around half-naked and draw horny images. And I got really used to the privacy while my sister was working abroad for two months. Now I can't imagine sitting at our only desk and drawing anything, not even stuff suitable for all ages... Which is why I've been mostly spending my time coding this website. When I thoughtlessly told my sister that I will take advantage of her being away she asked "By doing what? Working on your website?" and I had no idea what to tell her. But I did already make some plans.

I also need to start working out again. I had to stop because I refuse to do that while there's someone at home. It took me so much to get rid of that irrational feeling of being watched and judged by some nonexistant person. Some stupid inherent embarassment of I don't really know what I'm doing. I just hope it will do more good than harm. Not only I'm scared my condition will quickly start getting worse if I don't do anything about it, but I also feel the need to get strong. I don't wanna be an useless butch. And I think it would be hilarious if someone as small as me could pick up a tall girl. I'm not giving up on that dream!! Not after my best friend told me about her elementary school classmate that was also very short but would randomly pick up people unprompted. A role model, honestly.

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First journal entry!

by Timo Długiewłosy, 09/09/2023

HELLO EVERYFURRY finally something new happening here instead of only updating what I got so far.

Do you guys remember DeviantART journals... that sure was something. And this is exactly what this entire page is based on! The sickly green color was necessary. Not sure if I will keep the current background though.

Anyways!! This is the place dedicated to me oversharing and writing down stuff that won't interest many people.

It was my birthday yesterday!! I'm 22 years old now, which feels abstract. Now that aging doesn't unlock new abilities. I had a small family BBQ at my grandparents' garden today. I don't like organizing parties, that's far too much for me to handle. I don't even want to be the center of attention, why does it have to feel so awkward when people sing "Happy Birthday" for you. Calm down!! That's why when I met with my friends to go to the club on Wednesday I didn't mention anything. Is that an asshole move? Let's go have fun drinking and dancing and joking around. No need to make that all about me.

What else... Honestly, I'm mostly trying to write something just so I can already drop the journal page code lmao. With the recent Tumblr updates, I want to quickly set up my website so it's ready for when I decide to leave the hellsite (derogatory).

Well, I guess this has to be enough for today. I used to write journal entries almost daily, whether it was in a notebook or my phone's notes app. But this year I'm having a very difficult time remembering to do that. I would say "hopefully running a journal on my website will fix that!" but I will be honest. I doubt it will help lmao. But I WILL try to write newentries! It's always worth trying.

Hope everyone is having a nice day/night! Drink lots of water and remember to be kind to rabbits! Peace and love.
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