This was the year I started posting my drawings on the internet! I was barely 10 years old when I first joined DeviantART under the nickname phedparty. As much as that was definitely too early for me to use that website, it became a great archive of my old drawings that would otherwise get lost! I didn't upload everything though. I remember filling up my first computer with so many drawings I ran out of memory space, so I started deleting my drawings.

At the time I would usually draw with a mouse in Paint and then edit the drawings in GIMP. At some point I got a trial version of Paint Tool SAI that I kept using even after the trial ended. Nobody could stop me from saving my images by taking screenshots of them!

Title: ?
Date of upload: This one wasn't uploaded to DeviantART
Comments: A redraw of a frame from one of BaniTheKitty's (now posting under the handle ezpups) animated videos. I'm pretty sure the rainbow itself was taken from the screenshot of that frame.
My mom once put it as her Facebook profile image.

Title: Little Light
Date of upload: 16/09/2011
Comments: I made several drawings of this type, the rest of them featured characters belonging to people who were very popular in the furry animation community on YouTube. I really enjoyed drawing fanart at the time. I would also often make my drawings too dark, even to the point of it being difficult to see anything lmao.

Title: Flippy x Flaky love
Date of upload: 23/09/2011
Comments: They were my first OTP! I can still remember watching the Flippy and Flaky music video to Lady Gaga's Monster.

Title: Hello
Date of upload: 21/10/2011
Comments: Hello!!!

Title: Kaja x Łukasz 2
Date of upload: 01/11/2011
Comments: -

Title: Kaja angel
Date of upload: 01/11/2011
Comments: -

Title: Kaja x Łukasz (2)
Date of upload: 10/11/2011
Comments: -

Title: Real Kaja
Date of upload: 11/11/2011
Comments: Now I find it funny how I decided that drawing something without using lineart somehow makes it more "real".

Title: ?
Date of upload: 11/11/2011
Comments: At the time I had no idea what's a Nintendo, let alone Flipnote Hatena. Luckily I found out that I can turn Paint into black-and-white mode which lets you use similar screentones!

Title: The Mouse I Can Fly
Date of upload: 12/11/2011
Comments: First of all, I need to remind you guys that English is not my first language and at the time I would constantly abuse Google Translate just so I could use an american website for hosting and looking at art. And oh boy, in 2011 it was working terrible. Or perhaps I made that terrible sentece myself? Who knows!
But except for that, I still really like this drawing. It's my favorite from that year.

Title: New Look Kaja
Date of upload: 13/11/2011
Comments: This was my attempt at making Kaja much more sparkly, as I decided her design was rather boring compared to other furry characters I have seen. I don't think her design was bad, but I think I drew her like this maybe one more time and I went back to drawing her how I always used to draw her. I think I will use this design to make a new character.

Title: ?
Date of upload: 26/12/2011
Comments: Her hat is based on an actual hat I used to own when I was a kid.

Title: ?
Date of upload: ?
Comments: This drawing is soo emo. Also one of my favorites from this year.

Title: Evil Flippy
Date of upload: 29/06/2011
Comments: That's just what mentally healthy kids draw in their notebooks. Don't pay too much attention to that.

Title: Rock Cat
Date of upload: 29/06/2011
Comments: -

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