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Here you will find a small exhibition of my favorite works! Starting from my first jabs at digital art to whatever the fuck I'm creating right now. Everything is put neatly into categories for you to explore!

I've been drawing my whole life, but it bacame like a personality trait to me when I was around the age of seven, so in 2008. Every since then I have tried several graphic programs, as well as various ways of creating traditional art. Right now, I mostly make digital art in Krita with a mouse, which is also what I use for animations. I make a lot of traditional doodles too, with whatever I got my hands on at the time. There are also some actual paintings alongside sculptures and some graphics design works too.

For regular new drawings from me you can follow my art blog on Tumblr. For completely unregular updates you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel or my Toyhouse, where I sometimes upload doodles that I would otherwise not post anywhere else. I also have been participating in ArtFight since 2017!

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