a portrait of Rozkurwiacz holding Fursona, two characters that
    function as the website owner's fursonas.

About the website owner

My name's Timo Długiewłosy and I go by any and all pronouns, so have fun with that!

I'm an anthopomorphic animal of unspecified species. An apex predator with the heart of a pray animal. A character animated on lower frame rate, to cut costs. Impulsive and obsessive, I live in extremes. My life regularly shifts through different phases. Perhaps that's why it's hard for me to work out a more detailed description - it might as well be outdated by the next week...

But despite that I'm a very friendly creature! I prefer to create than destroy. All I want in life is to be a silly little freak. And despite being a skittish animal, I do genuinely like people.

Why did I decide to make this website? Admittedly, that was an impulsive decision. I just thought "Hey, I know a tiny bit of HTML, might as well try it". I also like the freedom to do literally anything... Well, as long as I know how to translate that into a working code. Yes, most of the time I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. I add a line of code and it does nothing at best and screws everything up at worst. But that's the charm of it all; it's extremely personal in how messed up it is!

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A little space dedicated for buttons, stamps, quizz results and other fun stuff!
Nothing featured here has been made by me unless stated otherwise.

You will find many flashing images here! Thread with caution if that's an issue for you.

made with affection peace now best viewed with open eyes graphic design is my passion i use ms paint html: learn it today save the dragons now firefox made with windows parental advisory; i say fuck a lot solitaire believe in radical power of friendship made with my own two paws trans rights now best viewed with a computer delete twitter bookmark this page have a smile please do not force this image to be lonely css is awesome warning free sex hell on the web trans your gender google chrome is evil i miss windows xp delete twitter; make a neocities deviantart rave now powered by a mouse in a wheel hot gimp graphics

anthro art cat using a computer do what you love even if you suck polite face run for your life canine skull wolf proud to be a furvert kandi made in ms paint Neil banging out the tunes a deer running away trees biohazard can't work. has bug in dog years I'm gay have a nice day learn from your mistakes and be a better person my Mary Sue can beat up your Mary Sue please do not touch sign being touched Scourge spiked collar I support being random danger I explode heterochromia I am a proud mouse user keep calm and respect everynyan short people have all the fun snarl werewolf bones deer in the dark green flames this stamp: still not as hot as me ms paint: just as capable of making art asany other program proud to be a plague rat roque taxidermy yeah I'm silly this cat thinks you're 12/10 RIP windows XP i still use snail mail going online to act silly please don't step on them i don't give a fuck if my ocs are too edgy too perfect too colorful too basic i love them either way i support photographing random things I support spinning and getting dizzy I love bugs cats grooming taxidermy is art I love lick icons this stamp glows in the dark dance like an idiot I support Caramelldansen Rammstein I'm gonna eat you I support Mary Sues and sparkledogs sparkledog pride smile I support rainbow creatures hardcore bunny I draw my OCs sexy, deal with it no more snark, cringe, bullying. leave artists alone. harassment isn't criticism. train I support striped tails I want a sparkledog furcoat I imagine my OCs while listening to music I support hair tufts on furries brutal music

i kiss werewolves work in progress smile butch4butch i'm not human world peace transgendered and loving it god don't interact simply irresistible boldly going nowhere i support drawing in class i love my blog bro i'm scared wtf i block ads caterpillar steal this blinkie rainbow hugs women want me fish fear me i need more time i glow in the dark don't follow me, i walk into walls do i bug you? install ublock origin self expression is not a crime mother fucker hell yeah i'm weird give away a smile today don't rush me peace i hate mean people i'm really a sparkledog life is fun please don't make me kill you be cool trans rights you were born original. don't die a copy do what makes you happy forest don't like it, leave bad website design sweet dreams i'm not straight keep smiling follow your own rainbow dont worry be happy artist

Icon army!

Do you guys remember when people would show off all the 50x50 pixel icons they got of their OCs on their DeviantART profiles? I am bringing this back here on my website! And I would LOVE to get more icons featuring my OCs. Let me know if you would like to do an art trade or if you take commissions for pixel icons!
pierun icon any icon oishi icon silver icon cream icon fursona icon old phed icon silver icon austin icon katharsis icon old phed icon daria icon old phed icon silver icon cosmar icon daria icon old phed icon aasot icon cosmar icon mizookie icon silver icon silver icon old kaja icon mizookie icon silver icon old kaja icon silver icon silver icon old kaja icon daria icon silver icon old kaja icon austin icon rozkurwiacz icon old phed icon daria icon cream icon silver icon old phed icon old phed icon
Every icon should link to its creator! However, many of the icons were made years ago; their creators might have deactivated their accounts and/or are no longer posting their art online. If an icon you have created lacks a proper credit, or you would like it to link somewhere else, let me know!
I am a Ralts!

What Flavour Are You? I am sweet, like Sugar. I am sweet, like Sugar.

I am all sweetness and light; fluffy bunnies and dancing fairies; happiness and joy. Too much of me will make you sick. What Flavour Are You?