About Błyszczopies

an animated gif of Fursona running

Hello! I'm Timo Długiewłosy, also known online as Błyszczopies or Phed. I go by any and all pronouns, so have fun with that.

I'm a rather chill guy unless I'm experiencing 213 emotions all at once. Overall very kind but also an asshole at times. Kind of old-fashioned in many ways. Sometimes weird.

My interests tend to revolve around animation, furries/animal xenofiction, handmade stuff and kitsch. I'm a big fan of imperfections and self-expression.

My life aspirations is to be that old weirdo guy that is always vibing on all the events happening in the town, no matter how small. I also want to make an extremely gay and fucked up furry animated series. And I want to chill and vibe as hard and as often as possible. And then explode. Peace and love on planet earth. <3

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What has Timo been up to recently?

Obsessed with My The Sims 4 3000 household!!!!!1
Listening to Hurt - Załoga G
Reading Andrzej Ziemiański - Achaja
Watching Kochanie, sprzedałem akademik (idziemy na studia) - Dom JACEX #04 | Sims 3 (z modami) | Kubix Gaming
Playing The Sims 4!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Stamps used on this page can be found in my deviantART stamp favorites collection.