3000 household

On 19th of October 2022 my friend Hania kindly told me about the The Sims 4 Werewolves Game Pack and I haven't been normal about this game ever since. Every day I get more attached to this household. I began expanding on the lore I got from playing with them and giving it my own interpretations. I'm drawing them and writing about them, they're like OCs to me. This page will be fully dedicated to everything I've got about them so far. Hope you all enjoy learning more about this silly family, feel free to ask me questions about them and if you draw me fanart of them I will love you forever.

(This page will be updated as I progress in the game and come up with new stuff!)

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Packs I own: Highschool Years, Cottage Living, Eco Lifestyle, Discover University, Get Famous, Seasons, Cats & Dogs, Get Together, Werewolves, My Wedding Stories (I don't remember downloading that one), Strangerville, Vampires, Outdoor Retreat, Tiny Living

Mods I own: Basemental Drugs, WickedWhims, Choose Your Classmates and some other minor stuff that doesn't have much influence on the gameplay itself.

Basics of the basics:

Rozkurwiacz 3000 - butch on T, any/all pronouns. Loyal, ambitious, erratic. Werewolf temperaments: grumpy wolf, carnivore, feels outcasted, must be clean.

Rory Oaklow - cis girl, she/her. Self-assured, ambitious, hot-headed. Werewolf temperaments: prideful, big bad wolf, hates being wet, restless animal. I need to make out with her.

Małgosia 3000 - cis girl, she/her. Goofball, hot-headed, cleptomaniac. Werewolf temperaments: frisky, restless animal, must be clean, grumpy wolf.

Fiona 3000 - cis girl, she/her. Perfectionist, party animal, overarchiever. Werewolf temperaments: territorial, prideful, easily excitable, hates being wet.

Bianka Leporidae - trans girl, she/her. ADHD, self-assured, bookworm.

Delfina Anifled - Not related to the household in any way, I just think she is funny. She is as dolphin as she could get.

Rozkurwiacz's backstory is that a quarrel with her girlfriend lead her to have a werewolf rampage, which unfortunately ended up with Rozkurwiacz murdering said girlfriend. He then ran away and moved to Willow Creek, where he has a somewhat calm life of a cringe lesbian husband and fail dad of two. Nobody knows about the horrible incident except for her wife Rory.

Rozkurwiacz tends to be wary of humans, believing that they will never be capable of fully understanding werewolves. In fact, the only person he fully trusts is Rory, who is his favorite person.

Rory is perfect the way she is so I didn't change much about her. She is stoned 24/7 and she grows her own weed and shrooms. She is also one horny motherfucker. Btw if your Rory makeover includes getting rid of her fat eyebrows I will hunt you for sport.

Rozkurwiacz was initially based on me for the sake of checking out the Werewolf pack, and as much as he is it's own being now, I still project onto him a lot. So she's my fursona now. And I love making fun of them.

Fiona also had an unfortunate situation during her rampage, where she hurt Bianka, leaving her with a huge scar across her face. The action gave Fiona a split second of mind clarity, which allowed her to realize what has just happened, as well as decide to run as far away as she could. Despite knowing that she has absolutely no control during rampages, she still felt extremely guilty. Luckily, they eventually managed to talk it out. I have a very rough draft of that, but I don't know if I will ever refine it enough to make it worth posting anywhere.

As of right now, Fiona and Bianka are engaged and they host raves together.

Initially Bianka was created so I could check out how the ADHD trait works, but since Fiona got a crush on her I decided they're gonna be together. I still have to figure out a lot regarding how that trait influences their relationship, though. And like, most other stuff.

Fiona was never planned and I find it ridiculous how I managed to get an unplanned pregnancy with two sims who can't impregnate each other. No cheats, no mods, just me having no idea the game works like that.
One day Rory texted Małgosia randomly, asking if she should try for a baby. I clicked yes, thinking "there's no way for Rozkurwiacz to ever impregnate you". I didn't play Sims for a couple of days and forgot completely about this. Then I open the game and I'm incredibly confused because for some reason, Rory is pregnant. This is so fucking funny I love this game. And I love Fiona, she is very important to me. Someone help me find a way to make it part of the story because it's hilarious.

Fiona is approximely one week older than Bianka, so after she aged up into a young adult she couldn't do any romantic interactions with her girlfriend. Unfortunately that was long enough for the game to decide that Fiona is now scared that Bianka might be cheating on her. Now watch me incorporate that into the expanded lore of the 3000 household.

Małgosia used to be engaged to Molly Prescott, but she broke up with her after the girl started to constantly insult her. Turns out Małgo has been used by her to get turned into a werewolf. And as it turns out, someone turned into a werewolf can be your fated mate... Despite them not experiencing it themselves. Now Małgo is trying to fight her way out of her cruel fate without much success.

a digital sketch of Rozkurwiacz holding Fiona from behind, trying to keep her in place as she is during her werewolf rampage
Don't repeat my mistakes.

a sketch of Fiona in her werewolf form, looking terrified. theres a big red circle behind her, resembling a full blood moon

a sketchy painting of Bianka and Fiona in a tight embrance. Fiona is in her werewolf form

a sketchy painting of Rory and Rozkurwiacz, cuddling together. Rory is playing with Rozkurwiacz's hair. the text on the image goes ''you're So clingy / is that a bad thing? / no, not at all. i always wanted a lap dog / ...good''

a doodle of Rory sitting with her legs crossed. she is holding a bong with a silly dragon sculpture on it. she is looking relaxed
Rory feat. a bong I saw in Amsterdam Weed Museum.

a drawing of Bianka rubbing Fiona's belly. Fiona is in her werewolf form. the image is captioned when she's a she's a dog person

a small comics featuring Rozkurwiacz and Rory. The first panel shows Rozkurwiacz confidently saying ''You know what would be sexy? Eating food off each other''. in the second panel Rory looks at him with a tired expression, saying ''You didn't do the dishes''. In the third panel Rozkurwiacz sheepishly says ''I did not''.
Based on this Hannibal meme.

a drawing of Rozkurwiacz crouching beside a pool of blood. they have blood on their muzzle and right hand, and a bleeding cut across their face. they’re terrified and upset. the only visible part of the victim’s body is their left arm, which has extremely deep claw wounds.
There's a ridicously long speedpaint for this piece and you can watch it here!

a drawing of Rozkurwiacz wearing a gray t-shirt with a polish text on it
"I prayed for a good wife, so I have a good wife. She didn’t pray, so she has what she got."

the why didn't my brain obsess on something healthy like learning how to cook meme with a screenshot of the 3000 household at the bottom of the image

the 3000 family members put on two different spectrums. the first goes from ''most likely looks human'' to ''furry''. Fiona is shown to hardly ever be in her werewolf form. Małgosia is slightly more likely to be in werewolf form. Rory tends to be in her werewolf form far more often, and Rozkurwiacz is on the ''furry'' end of the spectrum. the other spectrum goes from ''normal human behavior'' to ''acts like a dog''. Małgosia's behavior doesn't stand out much from average human behavior. the rest of the family has more werewolf-like behavior, with Rory acting like a dog slightly more than Rozkurwiacz. Fiona is placed right on the ''acts like a dog'' end of the spectrum

a screenshot from the game. Rozkurwiacz is marking territory in front of a broken toilet, and Rory is standing right behind them

a screenshot of Fiona, where she looks like she is praying to a chair

a screenshot of Rozkurwiacz snarling at a fridge. She is holding a drink in one hand

a screenshot of an uncomfortable +1 mood buff titled Intense Lust. it is captioned So much lust it makes you uncomfortable! It would be wise to find a way to release that tension.
I love it when mods give my sims more problems.

a screenshot of Delfina
This is Delfina and she's beautiful.